The 6V Battery Box is a great pick for both professional and amateur hog control operators.



The JAGER PRO 6V Battery Box is a great tool for both professional and amateur hog control operators.

Extend your JAGER PRO™ M.I.N.E.™ or I.C.E.™ cameras field life with this 6V Battery kit. It consists of a rechargeable 6V, 12Ah battery, a weather-resistant ABS plastic case that houses it, an 8′ weather-resistant outdoor cable to connect the battery to the camera, a 3’ 6” long mounting strap and a battery charger.

The 6 volt 12Ah SLA battery will last on average 2.5 months without having to go back out to check on your camera. Your camera still needs at least 4 AA batteries installed in order to turn the camera on, once turned on and the latch is secured, then you will be able to insert the outdoor cable into the approved 6V slot.

The ABS battery box provides excellent water resistance for outdoor use. There is a flush case mating area with an oversized rubber gasket on the top case half, as well as two latches that are easily operated with gloved hands, ensuring a complete water-resistant seal. The case houses the 6V, 12Ah battery, which provide several months of battery life. The battery is secured in between two pads, thus eliminating the common problem of the battery moving. The box is carried via a sturdy handle located on top.

The mounting strap connects to the molded holes on either side of the box and can be strapped on a t-post or around a tree and held in place with the tree grip ridges. The 8’ outdoor cable is long enough to reach the camera from different locations. The excess outdoor cable can be wrapped around the carrying handle for easy storage.

The 9V, 800mA charger has a 2-prong U.S. plug for direct insertion into a standard AC power outlet. Its alligator clips connect directly to the battery for charging and will recharge in less than 6 hours.

This technology saves fuel, time and labor allowing 24 hour surveillance without wasting daily travel time and expenses to multiple bait sites.


Chemistry – Sealed Lead Acid (SLA)
Output Power – 6V
Construction – ABS plastic
Type of Closure – 2 latches
Dimensions – Overall (LxWxH): 7.5 x 5.5 x 4.75”
Weight – 1.40 lbs
Cord Length – 8’
Mounting Strap – 3’ 6”
Input Power – 100-240 VAC
Output Power – 9V, 800mA
Charging Time – less than 6 hours
Packaging Info:
Height – 6 inches
Width – 10.5 inches
Depth – 5 inches
Weight – 5.40 lbs with battery
All JAGER PRO 3G, 3G data and Verizon M.I.N.E.™ and I.C.E.™ cameras manufactured after August 2014.
Will not operate the 2G M.I.N.E.™ cameras! Use of this battery box on the 2G cameras will cause internal damage to the camera since the 6V hookup is set up for the transmitter out only.


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