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Texas Wild Hog Control

Google Reviews

David Allen
David Allen
January 18, 2024
Did what he said he would do and showed up on time. I will use him again.
Lindsey Sanders
Lindsey Sanders
December 23, 2023
Highly recommend!! We had a bad hog issue at our office in Houston and Edward took care of it! He communicated throughout the process, sent pictures and updates!
Jeremy Rumsey
Jeremy Rumsey
September 11, 2023
Great service ill be referring Ed to everyone in need of hog control
Jack Nelson
Jack Nelson
August 1, 2023
I am an officer of a Non-Profit shooting club in the Houston, Tx area and we used Texas Wild Hog Control this year. They did a great job. They are very professional and do good work. Since we don’t allow hunting on our property, it has been somewhat of a wildlife sanctuary. As such, we have always had hogs. They never have done an excessive amount of damage until this year, 2023. The ranges looked like someone had gone through them with a disk harrow. Some members were complaining that they were having a hard time walking down to change their targets. We had no choice but hire someone to get rid of the hogs. I know that you’re probably wondering why we didn’t just shoot them; being a shooting club and all? SHOOTING HOGS IS NOT AN EFFECTIVE ERADICATION METHOD. You might get a couple, but the rest will scatter. I know, because I have hunted plenty. YouTube makes it look easy, and it is when you are on a high-fence ranch with a captive audience. In February 2023, Texas Wild Hog Control came out and chose the prefect location to set up the trap. Soon afterwards the hogs were feeding in it. I asked Ed why he wasn’t dropping the gate? It was then that I learned the REAL SECRET OF HOG ERADICATION. It’s not about just trapping lots of hogs. IT’S ABOUT TRAPPING THE RIGHT HOGS AT THE RIGHT TIME. Ed was very patient and we soon began catching hogs; DOZENS OF THEM. After a few weeks our hog problem was gone. I waited to write this review to first see if we still had hogs. We don't Two people said that they had each seen one hog on the property since TWHC finished, but that's it. We have not seen any new damage or signs of hogs at all. We understand that there is currently no permanent solution to hogs in Texas, but when you remove the right hogs, the rest are reluctant to come back as soon. Attached are some before and after pictures. In the before pictures all of the dark areas are hog damage. That includes the big dark stripe in front of the covered area. You can see for yourself the difference between before and after. As a club we do not endorse commercial operations, but when the hogs come back, we will call Texas Wild Hog Control to get rid of them.
February 10, 2023
Texas wild hog control removed the feral hogs on my parents property. He immediately was responsive and trapped all of the hogs. He was extremely professional and helped protect our land. I can’t say enough good things about this company.
Genevieve Daniels
Genevieve Daniels
June 2, 2019
I highly recommend Eddie! Very reliable and efficient at trapping, and very professional.

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Showing the number 1.


We’ll create a bait site, attracting hogs to the area. Our goal in the baiting process is to make the hogs feel comfortable. We also take extra precautions to make sure that we’re only trapping wild pigs, and not deer or other wildlife.

The number 2.


The trapping process is where our expertise really shines. We create conditions where we can attract the whole group (sounder) into the trap, getting all the hogs that cause your problems. We have cameras set up around the trap that tells us when the hogs are active, and once we’re convinced we’ve got ’em, we’ll drop the gate and it’s game over for the hogs.

The number 3.


Once the hogs have been secured in the pen, we’ll take steps to ethically remove the hogs and get them off your property. If you don’t have a preferred landscaper and would prefer we repair the damage, we can take care of that for you for an added fee once the hogs are gone.



Showing an illustration of a wild boar, feral hog sow, and three wild hog piglets.

Feral hogs are most active after dark and pose serious dangers to humans, pets, crops, land, and property. If provoked, they can become aggressive. They can be especially dangerous to children and pets while also wiping out entire crops and destroying your lawn or land.

While it is possible to kill off feral pigs and wild boars with a rifle, this strategy can be ineffective because you’re not eliminating the entire sounder (herd). Killing one or two at night won’t stop the damage because the rest of the sounder will be back in a few nights. Texas Wild Hog Control specializes in using advanced trapping techniques to remove all the hogs at once, so you can begin the process of restoring your land and property.





Investing in a hog-proof fence can really save your bacon.

Texas Golf Course with Hog-Proof Fencing

Texas Golf Course Without Hog-Proof Fencing

The choice is yours. Don’t be that guy.


Showing a feral hog proof fence.

Galvanized Coating Goes the Distance

Feral pigs can exert a lot of force, which is why the quality of the fence needs to be of a higher grade than your typical aluminum fence. The galvanized coating we apply to our fences will improve longevity by keeping rust at bay. Notice in the photo to the left, you can easily tell this fence is older but the mesh part still looks brand new.

Showing a wild hog proof fence.

Barbed Wire to Stop Larger Animals

While some wild pigs can grow to a considerable size, the barbed wire will not only repel the boars, sows, and piglets–it will also repel coyotes, deer, and other wildlife you may not want on your land. Barbed wire is also useful for making sure your animals don’t leave your property, making it essential for animal control.

Flexible Mesh Joints Bend, But Never Break

We’ve already touched on how the galvanized coating adds life to the mesh that keeps problem animals out, but you may not realize that the mesh itself has another secret weapon. The joints that connect each square within the rest of the fence are designed to flex against the force of an aggressive critter. These joints mean the fence can bend considerably and will not break, keeping the pigs out.


Because each property is different, there’s no fixed price we can charge for a hog-proof fence. When it comes to fencing, we first need to measure your land to see how much fencing we’re talking. We need to estimate the number of posts, barbed wire, and mesh we’ll need while also accounting for our labor. The only way to truly know how much a fence will cost is to invite us to your property so we can accurately measure.




Showing a bulldozer clearing land.

If you own substantial acerage, you know how difficult it can be keeping undergrowth in check. Clearing brush and saplings by hand is a labor intensive process that keeps you from using your land to its full potential. That’s where Texas Wild Hog Control can help!

With professional brush mulching and land-clearing equipment, we’ll make short work of the obstructions that stand in the way. Whether you need trees cleared for new home construction, a clear path through brush and vegetation for your ATVs, or your undergrowth professionally managed–Texas Wild Hog Control has you covered!

Brush Mulching:

“A forestry management technique that uses heavy equipment to grind undergrowth, including: stumps, saplings, trees, weeds, and grass down to the soil level while leaving older trees intact.”

Brush Mulching Benefits:

Turns weeds, unwanted trees, and invasive species into valuable mulch that can sustain the growth that you want to preserve. At the same time, brush mulching eliminates the competition for nutrients and resources so that your land can bounce back healthier and stronger than before. Brush mulching can also create a fire break that will help prevent forest fires, protecting your land and animals.

Landscaping Services

What good is the best trapping in the Lone Star State, without restoring your land? That’s why we’re now offering landscaping services to clear up the hog damage so your property can be restored to the way it was before your problem began. We’ll lay down new sod and eliminate the mud and muck the pigs leave behind. It’s a win-win! While not included with our standard service, you can add it to your hog-trapping package and we’ll take care of it at the end.



Land Clearing:

“Land clearing is simply the process of removing trees, shrubbery and other vegetation from a plot of land, typically done to pave the way for new construction.”

Land Clearing Benefits:

Pave the way for your dream home, reduce the risk of forest fires, and make better use of your land by clearing a path or an entire area. Land clearing is a great step to take if you want to maximize the benefits that come from owning land.


Showing a dense forest in the middle of summer.

Because each job is different, we don’t offer a fixed price for land clearing services. The cost depends on the acreage that needs to be cleared, the equipment involved, and the man-hours required to accomplish what you want. That being said, we’d love to visit your property and learn more about your goals! Give us a call today!



Get the guaranteed best price anywhere on these scopes.

Pulsar Trail 2 XP50 LRF

The next generation of thermal imaging sights has arrived with the development of the Pulsar Trail 2 LRF XP50. Utilizing a highly-sensitive 640×480 thermal sensor, the Trail 2 can distinguish minuscule temperature differences during rain, fog, dark, or extremely cold conditions. With a full-color 1024×768 AMOLED display and 2x-16x magnification, every tiny detail for up to 2000 yards will appear crystal-clear – and built-in video and still-image recording with 16Gb of internal memory allows users to store footage. Its integrated laser rangefinder is state-of-the-art and features 2 modes: Single Time Measurement and Scanning Mode, allowing the shooter to adjust quickly for changing distances.

The Trail 2 also boasts a 3-second startup, variable digital zoom up to 8x, 4 color reticle options, picture-in-picture mode, and IPX7 waterproof protection. Additionally, the Trail 2 has Wi-Fi, compatibility with the Stream Vision app, up to 5 zeroing profiles, and a recoil rate up to .375 H&H, 12-gauge, and 9.3×64. For a reliable, high-tech thermal scope, the Trail 2 XP50 from Pulsar is the best in the business.

Shop Pulsar Trail XP50 LRF

Pulsar Talion XQ38

Pulsar’s Talion XQ38 is an exciting thermal addition to Pulsar’s extensive catalogue! With a 384×288 microbolometer sensor resolution, the Talion detects heat signatures up to 1475 yards! Boasting a variable magnification of 2.5-10x, the Talion expertly locates heat signatures in total darkness. The Talion features built-in photo and video recording and a multi-point prism mount to aid in the exact positioning on the rifle.

The Talion has Wi-Fi integration and is supported by the Stream Vision 2 application, ensuring users can capture and preserve all their shooting memories. In strong, but lightweight, magnesium alloy housing, the Talion has an IPX7 waterproof rating and can withstand calibers up to 12 gauge, 9.3×64, and .375 H&H.


Pulsar Thermion 2 XQ35 PRO

When the avid hunter needs a dependable riflescope for both day and night shooting, the Thermion 2 XQ35 Pro is the perfect tool for the job. Featuring a high resolution 1024×769 AMOLED display with 2.5-10x magnification, and capable of detecting objects over 1400 yards away, this thermal imaging riflescope produces superior image quality at both short and long ranges. Boasting 10 hours of battery life on its dual batteries and housed in rugged magnesium alloy housing, this thermal optic is built to last.

Pulsar stands by its commitment to quality and provides a three-year warranty on all its products with original proof of purchase. With Pulsar’s European engineering, advanced technology and precision construction all dedicated to bringing hunters the best thermal imaging experience, buyers are assured of a worthwhile investment in a peerless product.

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Pulsar Thermion 2 XP50 PRO

Pulsar’s Thermion 2 XP50 PRO is a potent thermal imaging riflescope that combines a classic, sleek design with modern thermal functionality. Its extremely powerful 640×480 microbolometer resolution detects heat signatures up to 2,000 yards and displays them on a crisp 1024×768 AMOLED display. With an impressive 10 hours of battery life, this thermal riflescope boasts high-precision, ambidextrous lens focusing and a variable magnification of 2x-16x.

Technologically advanced, the Thermion 2 XP50 PRO boasts built-in photo and video recording, and it has Wi-Fi connectivity, to upload data to the Stream Vision 2 App. Further, the Thermion 2 XP50 PRO can withstand calibers from 12 gauge, 9.3×64 and .375 H&H, and it is rated IPX7 completely waterproof, so you can use it in the harshest of weather conditions.

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Pulsar Axion 2 XG35 Thermal Monocular

Pulsar’s pocket-sized thermal monocular family—the Axions—has another member – the Axion 2 XG35! With a powerful 640×480 microbolometer that detects heat signatures over 1900 yards away, this is an excellent device for scoping large areas and locating prey. It then transmits these images to a pristine 1024×768 AMOLED display, giving the user clear, crisp image of their target.

With 2.5-20x magnification along with built-in photo and video recording, Wi-Fi connectivity and a 16GB memory card, the Axion 2 XG35 is a technological wonder. The Axion 2 is also supported by the Stream Vision 2 app, enabling shooters to record and preserve all their precious shooting memories.

Weighing a mere 0.6lbs, the Axion 2 XG35 is made of a high-quality reinforced magnesium alloy that boasts IPX7 protection and operates in temperatures between -13F to 122F. Utilizing a Pulsar APS5 Li-ion battery, the Axion 2 operates for up to 11 hours.

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Pulsar Axion 2 LRF XG35 Thermal Monocular

Pulsar’s pocket-sized thermal monocular family—the Axions—have another member – the Axion 2 LRF XG35! With a powerful 640×480 microbolometer that detects heat signatures over 1900 yards away, this is an excellent device for scoping large areas and locating prey. With an included 1100-yard laser rangefinder, this device gives shooters an accurate approximation of their target’s distance. It then transmits these images and information to a pristine 1024×768 AMOLED display, giving the user clear, crisp image of their target.

With 2.5-20x magnification along with built-in photo and video recording, Wi-Fi connectivity and a 16GB memory card, the Axion 2 LRF XG35 is a technological wonder. The Axion 2 is also supported by the Stream Vision 2 app, enabling shooters to record and preserve all their precious shooting memories.

Shop Axion 2 LRF XG35

iRAY RICO BRAVO 384X288 35mm

The RICO BRAVO is a groundbreaking thermal imaging riflescope featuring innovative ergonomics, cutting-edge connectivity, and InfiRay’s MATRIX III algorithm that pushes the boundaries of 384×288 long-wave performance. The BRAVO is optically and electronically optimized to squeeze every ounce of performance out of InfiRay’s MICRO II 12 μm sensor and F1.1 germanium lens.


IRAY RICO RL42 384X288 42MM

The RICO Series was built to do two things: Make the best image possible and be easy to use. The heart of the RICO Series features a high-performance iRay Micro II core and an extremely high-contrast AMOLED HD display. RICO takes its image processing one step further with Advanced Image Correction and Automatic Image Optimization courtesy of the MATRIX III image algorithm.

Unmatched image quality paired with an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, picture-in-picture function, 6-hour run time, aluminum alloy housing, 1000 G shock resistance, and 32 Gb of internal memory give you all the tools you need to take your hunt to the next level.



Showing wild pigs in a trap using an infrared camera.


When wild hogs operate in areas with a lot of human activity, they adapt their patterns to be active late at night or early in the morning. They do this for safety. Operating in human areas during the day often proves fatal for the hogs and the rest of the sounder (herd). By coming out at night when most humans are fast asleep, they can more easily forage for food (and demolish your crops and rip up your lawn in the process). If you want your best chance to get a wild boar, you need to be active during the night too.


Wild Boars, sows, and piglets are highly intelligent animals. If something doesn’t seem right about their environment, they’ll leave. In order to have a successful hunt, you need to make sure you blend in with your environment. If hunting in the day, it’s best to cover up your skin as much as possible or use a blind.

A pig’s eyesight at night isn’t that good, unlike most predators and dogs for instance. It’s actually close to humans in that aspect. Their best defense against predators is their sense of smell so, you always want to be set up downwind of them so as to keep them from smelling you. As with any hunt, you need to make sure your movements are slow and calculated. Don’t make noise, and be ready when the time comes.

Showing two dead wild boars positioned next to an assault rifle near a field at dusk.


As with anything, being successful requires using the right tool for the job. Thermal scopes use advanced technology to allow you to see in the dark. If something has body heat, it will show up as being either black or white in color, contrasted against the rest of your yard or land which will be cold. Thermal scopes are great for hunting pigs, but will also work on coyotes (another nocturnal animal). The thermal scope is another great tool in your arsenal to help manage your wild hog or predator problem. Texas Wild Hog Control can guarantee the absolute lowest price for these invaluable implements. Give us a call to get our best price.



In the State of Texas, you only need a permit to shoot wild pigs if you’re on public land. On private land, you don’t need a permit at all. Feral hogs are considered to be an invasive species, which is why hunting of these animals is encouraged.


Showing corn, the feral hog's favorite snack and ideal bait.

The best bait for wild boars, pigs, sows–really the entire sounder, is corn. While pigs will root through the topsoil looking for worms and bugs, they would much rather feast on crops if they can get it. During winter months, crops and other vegetation are not on the menu so using corn as bait is perfect for both hunting and hog trapping.

Are Feral Hogs good to eat?

Slicing cooked wild hog meat with a knife and fork.

Eating wild pigs can be dangerous, because some of them are carriers of worms and a disease called brucellosis, which is spread among hogs through mating and giving birth. Once a hog has brucellosis, they have it for life. A person can get very sick from this disease so you need to be careful if you decide to eat your kill. Avoid eating anything that looks like it may have been sick, and burn any parts of the animal you don’t eat. That being said, wild pigs (especially the young ones) can taste very good, albeit a little gamey. Some restaurants feature it on their menus, and butcher shops sell it in their stores. Because the taste is dissimilar to pork, we recommend trying the meat from a butcher shop first, before cooking it on your own.