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Professional Duck Removal for HOAs, Neighborhoods, and Property Owners

Ducks running a-fowl? We’ll show ’em who’s boss!

Just because all the other neighborhoods are being overrun by ducks, it doesn’t mean yours has to as well. Ducks are unwelcome guests in a neighborhood for a lot of reasons. They poop everywhere, trample plants and vegetation, while spreading far and wide in search of their next meal. Get too close to their ducklings, and they get aggressive fast.

When you hire Texas Wild Hog Control for your duck removal job, we’ll make sure we get ’em all in one fowl swoop, and we’ll make multiple trips to ensure the job is done right.

In Addition to Hogs, We Do Duck Removal

While we made our name busting hogs all over Texas, we expanded in 2023 to doing duck removal, and now, it’s a core part of our business. We’ve developed an efficient and fast solution to your Muscovy duck woes. We set up a trap and cameras to make sure we’re trapping the whole flock, and then when the timing is right, we’ll spring the trap. Problem solved!

Specializing in Residential Neighborhoods

We have experience working with HOAs, Neighborhoods, and Mud Districts. We know the drill when it comes to these types of properties, and we’ll make sure we remove the ducks without disrupting the flow of your community. Our removal process is non-invasive and safe for all residents. We’re also bonded and insured, so you’ll have peace of mind while we work.

Our Duck Removal Process

Showing the number 1.

We Set Up Cameras to Stalk the Flock

First, we’ll set up cameras to monitor the flock of ducks: where they go, and what their habits are. Once we’ve identified where we need to set the trap, we’ll set it up and then track the ducks as they get comfortable with the trap.

The number 2.

We Spring the Trap

Once the ducks trust the trap enough, and have wandered inside to feast on the goodies we use to attract them, we’ll spring the trap and it’ll be game over for the ducks.

The number 3.

We Remove the Ducks

The day after we get done trapping out the ducks, we’ll show up at the trap site and remove them from your property. It’s that simple.