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Feral Hog Removal
in San Antonio, TX

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David Allen
David Allen
January 18, 2024
Did what he said he would do and showed up on time. I will use him again.
Lindsey Sanders
Lindsey Sanders
December 23, 2023
Highly recommend!! We had a bad hog issue at our office in Houston and Edward took care of it! He communicated throughout the process, sent pictures and updates!
Jeremy Rumsey
Jeremy Rumsey
September 11, 2023
Great service ill be referring Ed to everyone in need of hog control
Jack Nelson
Jack Nelson
August 1, 2023
I am an officer of a Non-Profit shooting club in the Houston, Tx area and we used Texas Wild Hog Control this year. They did a great job. They are very professional and do good work. Since we don’t allow hunting on our property, it has been somewhat of a wildlife sanctuary. As such, we have always had hogs. They never have done an excessive amount of damage until this year, 2023. The ranges looked like someone had gone through them with a disk harrow. Some members were complaining that they were having a hard time walking down to change their targets. We had no choice but hire someone to get rid of the hogs. I know that you’re probably wondering why we didn’t just shoot them; being a shooting club and all? SHOOTING HOGS IS NOT AN EFFECTIVE ERADICATION METHOD. You might get a couple, but the rest will scatter. I know, because I have hunted plenty. YouTube makes it look easy, and it is when you are on a high-fence ranch with a captive audience. In February 2023, Texas Wild Hog Control came out and chose the prefect location to set up the trap. Soon afterwards the hogs were feeding in it. I asked Ed why he wasn’t dropping the gate? It was then that I learned the REAL SECRET OF HOG ERADICATION. It’s not about just trapping lots of hogs. IT’S ABOUT TRAPPING THE RIGHT HOGS AT THE RIGHT TIME. Ed was very patient and we soon began catching hogs; DOZENS OF THEM. After a few weeks our hog problem was gone. I waited to write this review to first see if we still had hogs. We don't Two people said that they had each seen one hog on the property since TWHC finished, but that's it. We have not seen any new damage or signs of hogs at all. We understand that there is currently no permanent solution to hogs in Texas, but when you remove the right hogs, the rest are reluctant to come back as soon. Attached are some before and after pictures. In the before pictures all of the dark areas are hog damage. That includes the big dark stripe in front of the covered area. You can see for yourself the difference between before and after. As a club we do not endorse commercial operations, but when the hogs come back, we will call Texas Wild Hog Control to get rid of them.
February 10, 2023
Texas wild hog control removed the feral hogs on my parents property. He immediately was responsive and trapped all of the hogs. He was extremely professional and helped protect our land. I can’t say enough good things about this company.
Genevieve Daniels
Genevieve Daniels
June 2, 2019
I highly recommend Eddie! Very reliable and efficient at trapping, and very professional.

Hey There, San Antonio!

It’s no secret. Wild hogs are on a rampage this year in San Antonio, and getting rid of them is no easy task. If left unchecked, they stand to ruin every yard in the neighborhood, digging up your land and ruining the home you love. That’s where we come in. With over 35 years of wild hog trapping experience, we can get the whole herd (sounder) and can even repair the damage they cause. Fall is always the busiest season for the hogs, so when they strike, make Texas Wild Hog Control your first call!

Showing Ed Dickey being interviewed on the local news.

About Texas Wild Hog Control

Texas Wild Hog Control is fully insured and was founded in 2018 by experienced tracker, outdoorsman, and feral pig trapper Ed Dickey. Dickey has been busting hogs for over 35 years and knows their every move. His tactics are great at outsmarting these cunning and intelligent hogs, and the benefit to hiring him (as opposed to shooting them yourself) is that he’ll be able to get all of them and they won’t be back. Dickey has trapped hogs all over South Texas, and has even been recognized in national publications like the Epoch Times and NPR.

Showing wild hog damage on a lawn in the Houston suburbs.

Suburban Hog Removal Experts

When wild pigs strike the suburbs, they typically root through all your grass and landscaping, destroying your entire yard in the process. Not cool. That’s why when you have hog damage in your community, you need to trust the problem to a San Antonio hog trapper and feral swine expert—Texas Wild Hog Control.

We won’t string you along and trap only a few pigs each week. We’ll make sure we get the whole herd (sounder) at once, so all the hogs are removed and won’t be back.

Showing feral hog damage on a golf course.

Golf Courses & Businesses Too!

No one wants to golf on a course destroyed by the hogs. Let’s face it, you spend far too much money on landscaping each year, and if feral swine crash the party you’re in trouble.

When it comes to San Antonio golf course hog damage, our expertise is what you need to get back on track. We can even help repair the landscaping damage caused by the hogs after we’re through, making it a win-win for your business.

Ranch Hog Removal Experts

In Texas, the ranch is king. Out of all property owners, ranchers are some of our most frequent clients—and with good reason! Wild hogs pose a risk to your livestock, land, and loved ones. When the hogs go wild on your ranch, they can spread disease to your herd (think the deadly stuff like E.coli), and dig up acres of topsoil. When you hire Texas Wild Hog Control for your ranch, we’ll take extra steps to ensure that when the hogs are gone, they won’t be back.

We offer ethical removal

If you’d prefer the hogs to be humanely removed alive, we can make that happen. We’ve partnered with the United States Department of Agriculture, and through that partnership we have several options after they’ve been removed.

It’s game over for the hogs. One call takes care of it all.

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