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The Maori people of New Zealand have a name for a certain unique pig in their country. The name is Kunekune which has the meaning, “fat and round”. It is believed to have first been brought to the country by whalers in the 1800s.

Another Feral Crossbreed

As we watched this little black and white pig we noticed that although it had no problems intermingling with the other feral hogs, it often came into the bait site alone. As the situation dictated, we were finally able to dispatch it along with the rest of the sounder it was running with humanely and pull it from the gene pool.

Not the End of the Kunekunes of Crosby

It wasn’t until we cleared out one sounder that we made room for another to fill the void. What was interesting about this particular sounder that moved in is the fact there are more black and white Kunekune pigletts still to deal with. Surprise, surprise.



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