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About Texas Wild Hog Control

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Texas Wild Hog Control is fully insured and was established to assist federal and state agencies, counties, Mud Districts, HOAs, corporations, farms, ranches, and private residences with feral hog removal. We are experienced wildlife control experts using the most state-of-the-art trapping methods and tools available on the market. The destructive nature and potential for spreading disease make the feral hog a considerable liability to us, agriculture and livestock.

Texas Wild Hog Control was established in 2018 by Edward Dickey who saw a desperate need in protecting not only agriculture but native wildlife in Texas. Edward grew up hunting and trapping on the Gulf Coastal Plains of Texas with his father and worked for a hunting guide service as a teenager. He is an expert with over 35 years of experience dealing with native wildlife and invasive species such as wild hogs.



Using a simple three-step process, we’ll bait the entire herd (sounder) that’s the source of your problems and spring the trap at the perfect time. Once the hogs are trapped, we’ll take steps to humanely remove them from your land. With our advanced trapping knowledge, we’ll make sure we get ALL of the hogs in one swoop.

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Wild pigs are aggressive and can bust through standard fencing. It simply cannot keep them out. That’s why an investment in hog-proof fencing can pay dividends over time. If you own a ranch, golf course, country club, or another type of business, you can’t afford life without a hog-proof fence! Contact Texas Wild Hog Control for an estimate today.

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Is your property overrun with brush? Do you want to clear a path for ATVs or hiking? Texas Wild Hog Control can help with that! We offer land clearing services for almost any need or situation. Let’s connect and see how we can make your land-management dreams a reality!

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Gain an edge over your prey by hunting at night and seeing clearly in the dark. Thermal scopes illuminate anything with body heat, making it possible to aim and fireā€”even when it’s pitch black. We sell brand-name thermals at the guaranteed lowest prices. Browse our shop today!