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Professional Nutria Removal for HOAs, Neighborhoods, and Property Owners

It’s time to show the Nutria who’s boss

When the Nutria strikes, they make their home in the lakes and waterways on your property, turning carefully sculpted ponds into swampy marshland fairly quickly. They cause thousands in damage fast and carry diseases like Rabies and Leptospirosis which can cause liver and kidney failure to both wildlife and domestic animals. The only solution is to completely eliminate them. To do that, you need a Nutria expert who’s skilled and experienced at Nutria removal, and that’s exactly what you’ll get when you call Texas Wild Hog Control.

In Addition to Hogs, We Do Nutria and Duck Removal Too

While we made our name busting hogs all over Texas, we expanded in 2023 to doing Nutria elimination and duck removal, and now, it’s a core part of our business. We’ve developed an efficient and fast solution to your Nutria woes, and we guarantee that we’ll get ’em all.

Specializing in Residential Neighborhoods

We have decades-worth of experience working with HOAs, Neighborhoods, and Mud Districts. We know the drill when it comes to these types of properties, and we’ll make sure we remove the Nutria without disrupting the flow of your community. Our removal process is non-invasive and safe for all residents. We’re also bonded and insured, so you’ll have peace of mind while we work.