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Good Hog Trappers Do This…

Inexperienced wild hog trappers often trap the first hogs that come into the bait site. This can be detrimental to the operation as it only serves to educate any hogs that maybe watching outside the trap. Some maybe weary of this new device being placed in their “living room” and are reluctant to enter with the others. This is also a reason why smaller box traps aren’t good for trapping the whole sounder group. If you have a large sounder with a lot of pigs, they can’t all fit into a box trap so, when the trap is triggered by just a few of the hogs, the rest of the group sees them get trapped and learns to stay away. This is why with smaller box traps, people only tend to catch smaller younger pigs in them and further educate the rest of the group to stay away. We don’t rush to trap the first pigs we see. We take our time to see if more come in and if the sounder is actually larger than first perceived. It doesn’t matter how many hogs we catch, it matters how many we leave behind.


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