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Wild Hogs are an invasive species native to the American Southeast and parts of Africa and Europe. Their rapidly expanding numbers create difficulties when they encroach on human settlements. Feral pigs are a hot topic; our business has been featured on TV and in newspapers in Texas and worldwide.

Here’s a selection of articles where our business has been featured. Some of these clips require a subscription to read.

The destructive invasive creatures left some damage behind at the beach.

Originally Published: January 2nd, 2024
Edward Dickey, owner of Texas Wild Hog Control in Katy, said
“When it starts cooling off, their metabolism changes,”-“So they require more energy to keep their body temperature up. That’s going to cause them to seek out food a little more frequently.”

The cold is making feral hogs come out in Texas. What you need to know.

A shortage in food tends to drive the wild pigs to find other sources, often in residential areas.

Originally Published: December 4, 2023 –

Edward Dickey, owner of Texas Wild Hog Control in Katy, said this is because more frigid conditions means there’s often less vegetation available for the pigs, driving them to look for other sources of food in areas they don’t traditionally explore—like someone’s yard. Read More

Katy Developments Push Wild Hogs Closer to Residents

Originally Published: November 13, 2023 – Katy Magazine News

“New construction is pushing them out of their areas and into civilization,” says Edward Dickey, owner of Texas Wild Hog Control. “As Katy is expanding, it’s stirring up a lot these hogs that have been on the outskirts.” Read More

Experts warn Texas feral hog population is moving to waterways, could lead to contamination

Originally published: May 9th, 2023 – Houston Public Media

“Edward Dickey is a trapper with Texas Wild Hog Control. He says that’s been the case with his clients in the Houston area. “I can only suspect the hogs have moved away from the outskirts of Houston and further into the countryside. Our calls for service seem to slow during summer.” Dickey says his traps are now mostly set up in rural parts of the state that have a natural water supply.” Read More

Feral hogs are destroying parts of the Houston area: Here’s what you can do to stop them

Originally published: March 29, 2023 – Houston Chronicle

“Edward Dickey, the hog trapper with Texas Wild Hog Control who had been hired by the Waterside residents, said the hogs dig up flowerbeds while searching for worms, frogs and small animals to feed on and then relocate to a different area once they have depleted their supply of small prey.”

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Feral hog population continues to grow in Houston region, Texas despite extermination efforts

Originally published: March 9, 2023 – NPR

“Hog trapping has proven to be the most effective way of removing an infestation. Edward Dickey is a trapper with Texas Wild Hog Control. He says the cooler months are often when homeowners have their first encounters with hogs.”

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Residents Face Feral Hog Problem in Sugar Land

Originally published: Nov 28, 2021 – Fox 26 Houston

“One large herd has been spotted tearing up neighborhoods while running through streets in Sugar Land. Residents are left wondering if there is anything they can do about the problem.”

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On the Job with Edward Dickey, Houston’s Feral Hog Patrolman

Originally published: Online – Dwell Magazine

“Edward Dickey would’ve caught that whole hog herd (or the whole hog “sounder,” as those in the industry know it). He always does. He’s been successfully trapping feral hogs around the Houston area for five years now, studying their moves and evolving his practices to out-maneuver their intelligence. Dickey is the guy you call when you have a feral hog problem, as large swaths of the Texas city currently do. “

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The War on Hogs Has Higher Stakes Now Scientists Say

Originally published: Dec 22, 2021 – Epoch Times

“Trapping hogs requires a special sort of patience, according to Texas hog exterminator Edward Dickey. His business, Texas Wild Hog Control, has been trapping hogs for five years. Hogs don’t trust a trap when it appears randomly in the woods, he said. Instead, hog hunters build a giant trap corral piece by piece over several weeks.”

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Feral hogs tore up their yards, so Sugar Land Residents Hired a Trapper

Originally published: July 23, 2022 – Houston Chronicle

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Wild Hogs Stir Up Trouble in Houston Suburb

Originally published: Nov 29, 2021 –

“Sugar Land, Texas, a suburb of Houston, isn’t just growing in its number of residents – it’s growing in its wild hog population, too. One large herd has been reported tearing up neighborhoods and running through the streets, reports Fox 26 News.”

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