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Feral Hog Recipes

Showing a butcher butchering a wild hog.


You’re back from a successful wild boar hunt, (or you’ve just had a sounder of hogs removed from your property). Now what? If your plan is to fire up the smoker and cook your kill, you might want to take a few things into consideration before you do.

Because of the Feral Pig’s less-than-savory diet, even cooked hog meat can contain worms, swine brucellosis, and possibly E.coli bacteria. This is why you want to take extra care before deciding which hog to prepare.

You would do well to have your hog inspected by a butcher before you cook it. A trained eye can tell you which hogs are good for eating, and which ones might make you sick.

Showing a cooked feral hog piglet. Quite the feast!


Here’s another hog-cooking tip: piglets taste better than adults. Adult pigs have a strong gamey taste, and while they produce far more meat, piglets tend to be a better meal. The recipes listed on this page tend to be geared toward the big wild boar, but if you could modify them for a piglet you might be better off. Either way, eating a safely prepared hog can be a great way to celebrate the restoration of your property or a successful hunt.

Our Favorite Recipes

Feral hog tacos courtesy of Texas Department of Parks and Wildlife.

Image courtesy of the Texas Department of Parks and Wildlife.

Slow-Cooked Feral Hog Tacos

This recipe comes to us from the Texas Department of Parks and Wildlife. In Texas, Feral Pigs are considered a dangerous invasive species, and hunting of them is encouraged. You don’t need a permit to hunt them on private property, but if you hunt on public land, you will need one. This delightful recipe is somewhat spicy with smooth flavors of brown sugar to round it out. It doesn’t require too many ingredients, and it’s our pick for an uncomplicated feast.

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Wild Feral Hog Pork loin

Image courtesy of, an online hunting and camo site.

Wild Hog Grilled Pork Loin

Everyone loves pork loin, and if you select the perfect hog, you too can have a delicious feast that will delight your family, friends, and neighbors. This recipe is great because it only requires 15 minutes of prep time. Your smoker or oven does the rest. In 2 hours, you’ll have the perfect Sunday feast they’ll be sure to remember.

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Image courtesy of

Wild Boar Bacon

Who doesn’t love bacon? Especially bacon from a wild boar! If you’ve wanted to make your own bacon from a feral pig, you most certainly can. And with this fool-proof recipe from Destination BBQ, your bacon will come out perfect every time. It’s definitely fairly labor-intensive, so you’ll want to keep that in mind, but in our estimation–it’s totally worth it!

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Image courtesy of

Big Island Wild Pig

This recipe comes to us from a subscription site, but the first few views are free. We like this recipe because it combines the cultural flair of Hawaii with the meat of a wild boar you may have already killed. You may not be able to bag a boar in Hawaii, but this recipe shouldn’t steer you wrong.

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Need a Wild Boar for one of these recipes? Use a thermal scope and get a big one!

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